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Amiwest Broadcast page

Hello Amiga Community!

I would like to extend a heart felt thank you to all those who donated to the broadcast this year. The donations allowed for several improvements to the environment, including some quality wireless microphones! If you wish to contribute please click the donate button below:

Latest status: Expect the streams to start at 10 am.

Be warned that the internet connection at the hotel is extemely unreliable. We could see issues with the stream dropping or cutting out. I have a backup plan so bear with us if the stream becomes to

This year we will be broadcasting with youTube here. Due to some technical issues the live stream from youTube does not work on the Amiga anymore. Can't have that! So we will be running a second stream, from the same source. This is using the older shoutcast tehnology that worked for us well in the past. I have tested this with both Emotion and mplayer. If you are on a PC, Mac, phone, or Linux I'd stick with youTube. If you are on an Amiga use the shoutcast stream.

Note to Emotion users, if the stream drops the play might not notify you, please reconnect if it appears to have stopped.

Shoutcast stream:

YouTube Link (day 2):

The video's will be on youTube after the event on this channel

We will be monitoring the feedback on the streams on the AmigaWorld IRC server on the channel #amiwest2017. Connection details can be found